Best Coffee Maker Under 30

Don’t you think it is time to quit your frequent Starbucks, Dunkin’, and Peet’s coffee orders?

Maybe then, you’d realize the thousands of bucks you can save annually, especially for heavy consumers.

Wait, I didn’t say these are awful or not worth your money.

I am here to help you save some money by giving you a lasting solution, a budget-friendly option, a daily companion, and pretty much what you need in this depressive economy.

Why not consider an option from our best coffee maker under 30 choices?

You may wonder what a coffee machine less than $30 can do for you (drop the cheap is the expensive notion this time around).

I will let the listing shock you and change your expectations because the brew will make you regret why you didn’t discover this earlier.

Should I say better late than never?

Please keep reading to learn some of the best coffee makers below 30 dollars, why they fit the bill, and essential factors to look out for when choosing one.

Are you in a hurry? If you don’t have enough time to read the whole article, you can trust us. Mr. Coffee 2129512 5-Cup Switch Coffee Maker is the best overall coffee maker under 30.

Factors To Consider When Buying a Coffee Maker Under 30

First, let’s put it straight: Coffee makers cost as much as $50000, and that is alright – I am talking about brands like the La Marzocco Strada Electronic Paddle.

But, that category isn’t my discussion point, as today, we focus on the most affordable options that yield results as good as what you buy at Starbucks.

So, the factors we discuss will revolve around coffee machines in our price range.

Usage or Output

How much coffee do you want the machine to produce at a time?

Single-serve coffee makers will yield a cup at a go, and if you aren’t a heavy consumer or have a small household, this will be ideal.

Bulk-serve designs exist for buddies who want to simultaneously make the brew for many people.

Nothing beats invention – you are sorted if indecision takes the better part of you.
Combination models exist at affordable prices.


Well, coffee makers in our category are nowhere close to high-end, but their quality is good, considering the price point.

Hardly will you experience dripping. Besides, a few are dishwasher-safe and not as fragile as you think.

It doesn’t mean that hand-washed designs aren’t good quality – maybe it is time we drop some of these quick assumptions and generalizations.

Ease of Use

Different coffee makers are built differently, and the ease of use highly depends on the features of each.

For instance, water windows allow users to pour the exact quantity of water needed to brew coffee without measuring beforehand.

It isn’t easy to overfill coffee machines with such a feature. Additionally, you can brew a lesser amount of coffee than the entire quantity.

Automatic shutoffs are available in some models to prevent your brew from burning.

Such automation increases the longevity of your coffee maker by working only for the required time.


You will see a lot of plastic coffee makers in our review; some have bits of stainless steel and others glass.

Coffee machines made from stainless steel as the main material are more long-lasting, but care and maintenance will influence this.

That doesn’t mean that plastic designs aren’t durable, try any from the list below, and you won’t regret it.

Size and Storage Space

How big do you need your coffee maker to be?

A small household or office won’t need a humongous maker because it will only serve a few people.

However, you might have to reconsider your decision if you intend the machine to serve many people.

Size comes hand in hand with storage space.

The best coffee maker under 30 isn’t massive, so most would consume very little space.
You might have to up your budget if you want to invest in something massive.

List of 10 Best Coffee Maker Under 30 USD

  • 1.6 pounds capacity.
  • Nice looking black color.
  • Super easy to operate.
  • Removable filter basket.
  • 0.47-liter capacity.
  • Auto shut-off technology.
  • 5 Cubic Centimeter capacity.
  • Black color plastic body.
  • Light indicator for on/off switch.
  • Auto power-off technology.
  • 1 cup capacity.
  • Dishwasher-safe parts.
  • 51 Fluid ounces capacity
  • Fully dishwasher safe.
  • Gorgeous-looking jet-black color body.
  • Reusable filter.
  • Comes with a fully stainless steel travel mug.
  • 5-cups capacity.
  • Reusable filter.
  • 30s ~ pause.
  • 10-cup glass carafe.
  • Removable brew funnel.
  • Lighted on/off button.
  • 5-cups capacity.
  • Keep warm feature.
  • Permanent filter.
  • 10.5 ounces capacity.
  • Easy clean removable basket.
  • Lighted on/off switch.

Please note that the prices may fluctuate. When we published this article, all the coffee makers reviewed here were below $30. So please, be sure of the price before buying.

10 Best Coffee Makers Under $30

We’d like to make it easier for you to choose what meets your needs.

So, we have briefly described the 10 best coffee machines below $30 in order from the most recommended.

1. Mr. Coffee 2129512 5-Cup Switch Coffee Maker

Key Features

  • Easily viewable water window
  • Ergonomic classic style
  • Lift and clean filter basket
  • Clear markings for measurement
  • Auto-pause mechanism

Product Specifications

Capacity1.6 Pounds
MaterialGlass and Plastic
Voltage110 volts (3.3 watts)
Dimensions7.3’’ by 9.9’’ by 10.7’’

Drop-dead gorgeous is an understatement!

Mr. Coffee here is a beauty from a glance and will complement your space regardless of your theme and aesthetics now that we are all out for cool expensive-looking stuff.

Well, it doesn’t disappoint on its core purpose – coffee making – as it can brew up to 25 oz. of beverage at a go, making it two cups if you are to divide the amount into two.

Quite a deal if you want to have steamy hot coffee with your partner.

It is super easy to operate this machine, thanks to the power indicator lights that show when it is on or needs to be switched off.

Come closer if you live in a tiny space but need to enjoy your homemade Starbucks daily – this buddy is compact and can fit in small spaces.

Its ergonomics ensure you can pour your coffee and handle the machine with ease, and if you need an exact amount of beverage, the ounce markings will help you get just that.

The filter basket is dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean whenever you need sparkling.

I would rumble about this masterpiece, but I’ll let you try it and share your review with us in the comments.


  • You can have coffee before brewing is complete
  • Durability guaranteed
  • High-quality material build
  • Available in white still under $30


  • Doesn’t come with a grinder or milk frother
  • You will need to separately buy the filters

Tip: Ensure you don’t use very little coffee or grind it too coarse, as it affects the amount of pressure to make a perfect brew.

Click here to buy from Amazon.

2. Black + Decker CM618 Single Serve Coffee Maker

Key Features

  • Permanent filter
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Thermal design
  • Removable filter basket

Product Specifications

Capacity0.47 Litres
MaterialStainless Steel and Plastic
Voltage120 Volts (60 watts)
Dimensions5.47’’ by 6.14’’ by 9.41’’

“Black and Decker” needs no introduction, as it designed the best coffee maker under $30 for the active buddy who is always on the move.

It gives you the versatility to use pre-packaged pods or coffee grounds to get the perfect beverage.

You can brew your drink directly into the thermal mug (16 ounces) that is compatible with many car cup holders.

B+D wants your coffee rituals consistent by ensuring you can operate the machine with a single touch – try it with the removable filter basket, then you’ll understand what I mean.

Besides, you need not worry about its longevity because the auto shutoff prevents the machine from running continuously when it shouldn’t.


  • Easy-to-clean filter
  • Dishwasher-safe parts
  • Quality flavor extraction
  • Brewing is at the optimal temperature


  • Not compatible with K-cups but alternatives exist
  • No auto-pause function to grub a cup midway

Tip: If nothing else convinces you to buy this, then the 2-year limited warranty should be in case you need a cover.

Check more here on Amazon.

3. Black + Decker CM0700BZ 5-Cup Coffee Maker

Key Features

  • Keep-hot carafe plate
  • Easy-to-view water window
  • On and Off Switch light
  • Removable filter basket
  • Sneak-a-cup function

Product Specifications

Capacity5 Cubic Centimeters
Voltage120 Volts (800 watts)
Dimensions7.25’’ by 8.2’’ by 10.75’’

Here is another gem from the legendary machine manufacturer, “Black and Decker”.

The coffee machine is perfect for anyone who wants a dose of caffeine at a cheaper price without compromising performance and functionality.

Pouring a cup mid-brewing shouldn’t worry you, as this isn’t messy, thanks to the brew-pause function.

Reusable filters save coffee lovers a great deal, and that is what the manufacturer wants for you.

You will love its ergonomics; though not a consideration to some people, it is safe to know that you can pour out your drink and handle the machine confidently.

The machine boasts features like those in the above review, e.g., the permanent filter and power indicator light.


  • Two-year warranty
  • Large carafe opening for easy hand cleaning
  • Zero spills
  • The plastic coating doesn’t peel


  • No auto-shutoff
  • Quite big for the capacity it offers

Recommendation: Excellent for coffee lovers looking for a simple, compact, and functional maker for home or office use.

Find here your copy now.

4. Mixpresso 2-in-1 Single Cup Coffee Maker

Key Features

  • Reasonable water reservoir capacity
  • Dishwasher-safe parts
  • Anti-slip feet
  • Auto shutoff
  • Lighted power indicator

Product Specifications

Capacity1 cup
MaterialStainless steel
Weight2 Pounds
Voltage110 Volts (800 watts)
Dimensions6.2’’ by 5’’ by 9.5’’

Mixpresso prides itself in this coffee maker because it is among its best-sellers.

The uniqueness speaks for itself and will be ideal for the traveling coffee lover, thanks to its very compact and portable design.

Its performance is elite, with automation to save energy when not in use.

Though, the limitation will be in the type of coffee to use with the maker – ground coffee only.

A 1-year warranty is available to cover repairs and replacements in case of defection in material and artistry.


  • Works with Dollar Store filters
  • Compatible with other mugs that can bit below its drip
  • Makes a generous amount of drink
  • Convenient for very tiny spaces


  • Works best with un-softened water
  • Mugs above 6.5’’ tall don’t fit

Tip: Even if you are not a coffee lover, this makes the perfect gift idea for your loved ones. So, find your piece here.

5. Bodum K11683-01 Coffee Maker

Key Features

  • 2-lids construction
  • Unique locking lid system
  • 100% BPA-free
  • Fully dishwasher-safe

Product Specifications

Capacity51 Ounces
ColorJet Black
MaterialSilicone and Plastic
Weight145 grams
Voltage110 Volts
Dimensions4.53’’ by 8.66’’ by 6.69’’

We are taking a different turn with this, as its design isn’t similar to those reviewed above.

Well, no biggie! The Bodum coffee maker is a perfect size to keep you fulfilled throughout the day if you love to sip.

Its mechanism is simple – simply add quality coffee beans and boiled water and slowly allow it to brew to the perfect flavor.

And if you love iced or cold coffee with the same procedure using filtered water.

You get two lids in the package – one for the plunger and the other to close the maker when cooling in the fridge.

Count on this if you are a sucker for less sophisticated machines and love reminiscing the old vibes of coffee jugs and kettles.


  • Sturdy material even with consistent washing
  • Doesn’t scratch up
  • Easy and hassle-free design
  • Lightweight


  • You need to get used to operating the lid
  • A little effort is needed to press the plunger in the first days

You can read more about Bodum K11683-01 and check the price from Amazon by clicking here.

6. Elite Gourmet EHC111A Personal Coffee Maker

Key Features

  • Thermal mug construction
  • Reusable filter
  • Single-serve
  • Single-touch operation

Product Specifications

Capacity14 Ounces
ColorBlack and Stainless Steel
MaterialStainless Steel
Weight2.18 Pounds
Voltage110 Volts (600 watts)
Dimensions5.11’’ by 6.88’’ by 9.64’’

Here’s a call to anyone who doesn’t like using appliances and wants to be done in a minute or two – this is for you.

60 seconds and you have a ready mug of coffee!

The Gourmet makes an instant brew in less than a minute for you, and you know how this comes in handy when you are dashing out and don’t want to spend at the coffee shop.

Besides saving time, you save money because you don’t need filters and paper cups to serve, as you can drink straight from the mug.

The thermal reset switch and auto shut-off prevent overheating and work as safety features.


  • Compatible with many car cup holders
  • Maintains coffee temperature longer
  • Easy to grab and go
  • Sleek design


  • You might need to move closer to view the blue ‘ON’ light indicator.

Fun Fact: Did you know you can also make tea in this coffee maker? Try it now.

7. Mixpresso 5-Cup Drip Coffee Maker

Key Features

  • Permanent filter
  • Viewable water window
  • Warm function
  • Compact build

Product Specifications

Capacity5 Cups
MaterialPlastic and Glass
Weight2.4 lbs
Voltage110 Volts (650 watts)
Dimensions9’’ by 7’’ by 12’’

Mixpresso manufactured the best coffee maker under 30 and backed it with a 1-year limited warranty to cater to repairs and replacements, something most machines don’t have.

The glass carafe adds some sophistication to the sleek design and should complement your space perfectly.

It is built with a single-touch button for more effortless operation and comes with a removable basket filter for quick cleaning.

The filter is reusable, saving you some bucks and reducing environmental waste.

You can fill your pot as you view through the transparent window not to overfill and create a mess.

The warm feature ensures your coffee retains its temperature after brewing.


  • Uses significantly less coffee
  • Sleek space-saving design
  • High quality that surpasses the price point
  • Carafe doesn’t spill as you pour out the coffee


  • Takes some time to turn off

Tip: Users advise turning the coffee maker off immediately after brewing to prevent the carafe from cracking, as the auto shutoff function is slower.

Check the price from Amazon now.

8. Mixpresso 10-Cup Dip Coffee Maker

Key Features

  • Thermal construction
  • Reusable filter
  • Removable filter basket
  • Lighted ON/OFF button

Product Specifications

Capacity8 Cups
Weight3.39 Pounds
Voltage120 Volts (800 watts)
Dimensions8’’ by 6’’ by 12’’

I am not biased. A good product is good and deserves mention (saying this because there is another Mixpresso product further down).

Not so much of a difference between the 5-Cup discussed above and this 10-cup, as they share many features, including the single-touch operation, glass carafe, reusable filter, compactness, ease of cleaning, warranty, and design.

What differentiates them is their capacity.

The 10-cup is bigger, takes more storage space, and brews more coffee.

It is the perfect coffee maker if you need 8 cups at ago, and it works best in a home or office setting with 5-8 people.


  • Takes less than 3 minutes to brew a full pot
  • Feels expensive
  • Yields flavorful coffee
  • Easy to clean


  • No auto shutoff
  • The water line is not visible on both sides

Pointer: Mixpresso is known for its best after-sale service in case you need help with the coffee machine. Find more here.

9. Amazon Basics 5-Cup Coffee Maker

Key Features

  • Permanent filter
  • Keep warm feature
  • One-touch operation
  • Viewable water window

Product Specifications

Capacity5 Cups
MaterialStainless steel
Weight1.8 lbs
Voltage110 Volts
Dimensions5.91’’ by 7.87’’ by 9.69’’

Should I call it generic?

Nowadays, store brands perform better than original products, cutting across most departments.

Amazon designed this for the coffee lover seeking affordability, aesthetics, and functionality in one coffee maker.

The fact that you can operate this machine with a touch of a button makes it hassle-free, let alone the viewable water window that allows you to see how much water you are pouring into the coffee maker.

Your coffee remains warm thanks to the warming plate that hasn’t reported failure among users.

The overheating protection ensures all water that exceeds rated temperatures enter the dry boil protection and stop brewing.


  • Compact design
  • Aesthetically-pleasing
  • Faster than some Keurig machines
  • Can work with a smart plug


  • No inbuilt timer
  • Slightly louder

Get it now from Amazon.

10. Mixpresso Mini Compact Drip Coffee Maker

Key Features

  • 1-year warranty
  • Permanent filter
  • Removable tank
  • One-button on/off

Product Specifications

Capacity1 cup
MaterialPlastic and glass
Weight10.5 Ounces
Voltage110 Volts (350 watts)
Dimensions5.7’’ by 6.2’’ by 8.8’’

Here is the best coffee maker under 30 for buddies who love just a cup of coffee and nothing more.

The mini machine stands by its name and is compact enough to fit in small spaces.

It boasts a sleek design and comes with a viewable area to see how much water you pour to brew your drink, which is unexpected for most designs like this.

You will love how portable it is, and it is ideal for students, campers, travelers, and one-person offices.

The filter and basket are removable, allowing you to save a few coins from purchasing paper filters and making the machine easy to clean.


  • Can make tea
  • Best used with ground coffee
  • Silent brewing
  • Compatible with cups 3’’ tall or below


  • Drips slowly

Note: You will need some getting used to to get the lid to go all the way down, but overall, it is fantastic. Check more here.

Final Verdict

It is a challenging task to find out the best coffee maker under 30 from the plethora that is in the market.

After reading the top-most offerings for the budget buyer, you should be relieved that it will never be the case.

Tested by coffee connoisseurs and reviewed for potential buyers, you won’t lack an affordable coffee machine that matches your needs from the above.

But if you are still undecided and would like us to help, buy the Mr. Coffee 5-Cup Mini Brew because you badly need it as much as you need that brew!

Happy Shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions on Coffee Makers

You might still have a myriad of questions about coffee makers, and that’s fine!

Here are a few commonly asked questions by potential buyers like you with straightforward answers to help you decide the best machine for your needs.

1. What Is the Best Home Brewing Coffee Machine?

Answer: If you are on a budget, the best home-brewing coffee machine would be the Mr. Coffee Mini Brew because it ticks all the boxes.

You get so much for its price – the highlight is the water window to view the water level of your brew (something I mentioned earlier in the factors to consider).

Besides the superb aesthetics, it is easy to use and clean.

2. How Long Should a Coffee Maker Last?

Answer: The average duration a coffee maker can last 5 years at the minimum.
But, care and maintenance will highly influence longevity.

You must understand your machine and know how to care for it, from servicing to cleaning.

You can read through the user manual or visit the manufacturer’s website for ways to repair your coffee maker, how to store it, usage, and cleaning (don’t assume all coffee makers are cared for similarly).

3. Are High-End Coffee Makers Worth It?

Answer: Quite a good one! I’d say yes and no, depending on several factors.

If you are considering one for business or commercial purposes, a high-end one might be ideal because of its build, capacity, size, and output.

Otherwise, if you are looking for a coffee maker for a small household or office, budget-friendly options work well.

You get more value for your money while enjoying the same coffee you would if buying from a drive-thru or fast food store.

4. Why Does Restaurant Coffee Taste Better?

Answer: Is it not the same way we think about Mc Fries?

Well, it all depends on the ingredients used.

The coffee you use is probably different from the one at the café; besides, its preparation before brewing impacts the scent and flavor of the beverage.

Water is also a huge determinant.

Normal water will give a different taste to the coffee, while premium filtered water does the magic for most coffee shops – P.S. I am not talking about distilled water.

5. What Is the Healthiest Coffee Brewing Method?

Answer: ARC Arnot’s research results show that the healthiest coffee brewing method is the pour-over method.

The method needs you to use high-altitude coffee beans and lightly roast them before grinding them to a fine powder.

Pour hot water (NOT BOILING WATER) over the coffee and allow it to brew. Serve it black to get the most out of it.

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